modern, refined adaptation of world wide street food


Stepping inside Mildura’s new Brass Monkey restaurant is to savor a slice of inner city Melbourne’s laneway-style dining experience.
It's a dynamic and fun dining experience that’s stylish and thoroughly professional.
Inspiration from South east Asia’s food hawker culture, America's food trucks of L.A and the amazing restaurants and bars of New York – we put it all together to create our own vision, using as much local ingredients as possible.  Our cuisine is mainly focused on, but not limited to, Australian, American, Asian hawker style, Middle eastern and Korean BBQ influences.

- MENU -

--- takeaway available during normal business hours ---

-feed me-
just say 'FEED ME' and we'll serve up a selection of brass monkey's
favourite dishes
$55.00 p/p - (min 2 people)
- all table members must take part -

- we cater for most dietary requirements or allergies -

-small plates-
grilled bread, zaatar, butter / 7
cauliflower croquettes, miso mayo, ground black rice / 14
buffalo wings, hot sauce, blue cheese dip, dill pickle / 14
pork belly bao, pickled greens, hoisin, nam jim, herbs / 15
pulled beef tacos, pulled bourbon bbq beef, black bean salsa,sriracha sour cream / 15
shanghai wontons, pork + chive, peanut sauce, sichuan, toasted sesame oil / 16
charred squid, tomato brava sauce, chilli caper oil, fennel, bitter leaf / 18
popcorn prawns, tapioca tempura, spicy mayo, citrus / 19

-main plates-
tom kha gai noodle, chicken, thai coconut broth, rice noodle, tomato, mushroom, lychee, thai herbs / 24

low + slow lamb shoulder, peas, pecorino, charred lemon, oregano, labne / 28

pork belly, chilli caramel, vietnamese slaw, nam jim,peanuts, herbs / 29

chilli crab, sweet + savoury tomato chilli, sesame, shallots, spring onion, cilantro / 30
barramundi, green apple salad, pork belly, peanuts, chilli, lemongrass oil / 30

beef brisket, chorizo, black bean salsa, blackend onions,texas smoked bbq sauce / 31

beans, miso, dijon, sesame, fried shallot / 13
broccolini, chilli garlic oil, pecorino, capers, lemon / 14
cauliflower, zaatar, labne, cider pickles, curry leaves / 15
potato bravas, tomato brava sauce, aioli / 8
battered chips, awesome spice, mayo / 7

-sweet plates-
lemon mascarpone parfait, shaved tangelo, lemon myrtle / 13
frozen lime yoghurt, crack crumble, lime zest, coconut snow,meringue powder / 13
churros, local pink salt caramel, cinnamon, salted caramel ice cream / 14
hong kong nutella french toast, maple syrup, buttermilk ice cream / 15
raw cake, please ask your waitperson, changes withseasonal ingredients / 15

where are we?

32 Carter Lane, Mildura, Victoria
(behind hogs breath, mildura)